Join forces with Summer to complete her original music for a unique and compelling CONCEPT ALBUM & VIDEO! Her true story must be told!

WHAT: I’m recording my own album! YAY! FINALLY!I have a collection of special songs selected for this project. I wrote and pre-produced 9 of them in a week in Scandinavia after my midnight shows. The idea poured out…concepts, lyrics, melody, arrangements, and instrumentation! I turned my cabin into a studio & even recorded a trumpet player while we were cruising the Baltic Sea! Now it’s time to take these songs to the finish line…add more live instruments, proper vocal recordings, mix & master them into a final conceptual album!

WHY: I have a compelling true story to tell. One of love, loss, fear, hope, insanity, compassion, longing, freedom and triumph. I have a vision for each song and music video that fits a certain secret theme that will hook you in from the first note to the last! I can’t wait to tell you the title of the album!!! I’ve been told to write a book and this album will be the musical equivalent of a book. The story has been written, now let it be told!

HOW: I have already produced the rough draft version of my album using Logic software. I play the piano, sing, program beats, strings, bass, etc. Now it’s time to work with a co-producer to select the final songs and produce my vocals. I already have the best, most talented, notable, musicians and artists in the business ready and willing to add their vibe to the record. I will then package it all into a graphically beautiful CD that holds the stories from my heart to yours.

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“Cafe Was” IS the place to be in Hollywood! The Jazzy, moody, upscale vibe. The A-list band, including upright bass, electric violin, sax, drums and piano. The sexy Australian host. The 50’s mic under the heavenly blue lighting, the rotating piano…that may or may not rotate ha… and of course the singers! I was honored to be invited to sing at this event. I wore an elegant limited edition BCBG silk dress with 5 inch strappy heels & copper jewelry. I started my set with a bluesy version of “Summertime” than picked it up with Duffy’s, “Mercy”. I had a surprise guest beat box during the breakdown. The crowd loved it! Go Christian Davis!

I continued with a cute jazzy tune from Eryka Badu, called, “Green Eyes” and then sat down at the piano and played a couple original tunes, “Everyone is You” & “Missing Me” and the hit song, “Grenade” by Bruno Mars. It was a nice gig to come home to after being in Scandinavia for 3 months. Some say that LA is a tough town to please, but I’m not scared! If I can make the Russians and the Finish smile I can handle Hollywood!

Here’s what a friend and fan said of the night:

“Excellent job tonight, Songbird–you tamed some of the most savage beasts known to Man–The jaded, easily bored Hollywood crowd.” Pat Jankiewicz, author, actor, writer. June 15 at 1:49am Report

Hope to see you next month. xoxo
Summer Rona


Here’s a little clip from one of my shows in Sweden! We did a Broadway show, a New York Themed show, a Pop Icon Show, a Studio 54 Show, I did a solo set at the piano with original tunes, and a few teaser spots to warm up the crowd! Every night from Mar 1-June1 it was showtime!